May 2, 2024

The Use of Coffee Aroma for Stress Reduction in Postgraduate Dental Students

P Pachimsawat et al, 2024. The Use of Coffee Aroma for Stress Reduction in Postgraduate Dental Students, International Dental Journal


Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the potential reduction of academic stress related to a graded oral presentation in postgraduate dental students using coffee aromatherapy.

Methods: Healthy postgraduate dental students in a seminar class were divided into coffee (n = 32) and control (n = 26) groups. There were 3 modes of aroma distribution: personal distribution with a coffee pad attached to a lanyard, a lanyard plus a personal fan for ventilation of the aroma, and the typical method of the diffuser to spread the aroma in the ambient air. Stress markers comprised levels of salivary alpha-amylase (sAA), cortisol (sCort), and chromogranin A (sCgA). Pulse rates were also measured.

Results: Levels of sAA increased 176.62% ± 30.26% between pre- and postpresentation in the control group. Inhaling coffee aroma during the presentation period significantly ameliorated sAA increase at 81.02% ± 14.90% (P = .015). sCort levels tended to decrease in the coffee group, but not significantly. Surprisingly, sCgA levels increased more in the coffee group. Also, pulse rates decreased in the coffee group (-2.07 ± 2.81 bpm) and increased in the control group (6.90 ± 3.22 bpm; P = .035). Subgroup analysis did not reveal differences in salivary markers amongst the 3 aroma distribution modes.

Conclusions: Coffee aroma could have an anxiolytic effect on postgraduate dental students, as evidenced by changes in sAA levels and pulse rates. Personal aroma distribution was also a useful and effective mode of aromatherapy.

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