June 11, 2020

New trends in coffee diterpenes research from technological to health aspects

M Moeenfard & A Alves, 2020. New trends in coffee diterpenes research from technological to health aspects, Food Research International, published online.


The coffee oil is rich in diterpenes, mainly cafestol and kahweol, which are predominantly present in the esterified form with different fatty acids. Despite their beneficial effects including anti-angiogenic and anti-carcinogenic properties, they have been also associated with negative consequences such as elevation of blood cholesterol. Considering the coffee, it is an important human beverage with biological effects, including potentially health benefits or risks. Therefore, it may have important public health implications due to its widespread massive consumption, with major incidence in the varieties Arabica and Robusta. According to literatures, cafestol (182-1308 mg/100 g), kahweol (0-1265 mg/100 g) and 16-O-methycafestol (0-223 mg/100 g) are the main diterpenes in green and roasted coffee beans. Nevertheless, the coffee species, genetic background, and technological parameters like roasting and brewing have a clear effect on coffee diterpene content. Besides that, bibliographic data indicated that limited studies have specifically addressed the recent analytical techniques used for determination of this class of compounds, being HPLC and GC the most common approaches. For these reasons, this review aimed to actualize the occurrence and the profile of diterpenes in coffee matrices, focusing on the effect of species, roasting and brewing and on the other hand, introduce the current state on knowledge regarding coffee diterpenes determination which are nowadays highly regarded and widely used. In general, since diterpenes exhibit different health effects depending on their consumption dosage, several parameters needs to be carefully analyzed and considered when comparing the results.

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