October 2, 2020

Evaluation of inhibitory effects of caffeine on human carcinoma cells

A Tonkaboni et al. 2020. Evaluation of inhibitory effects of caffeine on human carcinoma cells, Nutr Cancer, published online.


One of the world’s most consumed medications is caffeine which is available in the vast majority of beverages. Previously, some effects of caffeine have been evaluated including its inhibitory effect on cancer cells. But, the influence of caffeine on esophagus carcinoma squamous cells (CSC) and head and neck carcinoma cells still has not well understood. Herein, the relation between different amounts of caffeine with the proliferation rate of human esophagus carcinoma squamous cell line KYSE-30 as well as human head and neck carcinoma cell line HN5 was evaluated. Furthermore, concentrations of caffeine were adjusted and their effect on cells were studied. The inhibitory effects of caffeine on cells were measured using the conventional colorimetric MTT assay after 3 and 7 day of incubation. Our findings are suggested that caffeine has a significant inhibitory effect on both cell lines at the concentrations of 20, 50, and 70 milli-mol (mmol). The result shows that caffeine can prevent the proliferation of carcinoma cells and it is a perfect candidate for therapeutic applications.

Modtag nyhedsbrev

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