October 3, 2022

Effect of Stress and Caffeine on Male Infertility

M Kumar et al, 2022. Effect of Stress and Caffeine on Male Infertility, Cureus, Volume 14 (8).


Caffeine is a natural psychoactive chemical found in beverages made from coffee. In addition, it is added by the manufacturers of a large number of sodas and energy drinks. It does this by stimulating both the brain and the central nervous system, enabling you to avoid being sleepy while still keeping you attentive. A state of emotional or physical tension is defined as stress. It can be induced through the experience of something or thinking of something that causes you to feel uncomfortable, irritated, or nervous. Your body’s response to adversity or demand is what we call stress. Among couples, male infertility is common. A failure in spermatogenesis is accountable for nearly half of all occurrences of infertility in marriage. Ageing, psychological stress, diet, physical exercise, coffee, hot water, hot scrotum, and cell phone usage are some of the few modifiable lifestyle variables that have a role in the development of infertility. Many hypotheses have been proposed to establish the link between stress in the workplace, life events (war, earthquake, etc.), and inability to conceive have been linked to inferior or degraded semen quality. In this review, we will discuss the effect on male fertility of elements including quality of life (such as exercise, diet, and other alterations to one’s daily routine) and psychological stress. In addition, the effects on male fertility of elevated scrotal temperature, improper dietary habits, and physical inactivity will be discussed. The loss in male fertility, mainly due to ageing, inappropriate lifestyles, and environmental factors, is a significant public health concern in this century. Couples can enhance their quality of life and increase their chances of naturally conceiving a child by altering their way of life and supplementing it with nutraceutical antioxidants and an organised educational, environmental, dietary, and physical exercise program.

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