March 6, 2018

Coffee consumption and risk of aortic valve stenosis: a prospective study

S C Larsson et al, 2018. Coffee consumption and risk of aortic valve stenosis: a prospective study, Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease, published online.


Background and aims: Coffee contains many biologically active compounds with potential adverse or beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Whether coffee consumption is associated with the risk of aortic valve stenosis (AVS) is unknown. The purpose of this study was to therefore to examine the association between coffee consumption and AVS incidence.

Methods and results: This prospective study included 71 178 men and women who provided information on their coffee consumption through a questionnaire at baseline. Incident cases of AVS were identified through linkage with the Swedish National Patient and Cause of Death Registers. During a mean follow-up of 15.2 years, 1295 participants (777 men and 518 women) were diagnosed with AVS. Coffee consumption was positively associated with risk of AVS in a dose-response manner after adjustment for age, sex, smoking, and other risk factors (P-trend = 0.005). The multivariable hazard ratios were was 1.11 (95% confidence interval 1.04–1.19) per 2 cups/day increase of coffee consumption and 1.65 (95% confidence interval 1.10–2.48) when comparing the highest (≥6 cups/day) with the lowest (<0.5 cup/day) category of coffee consumption. The association was not modified by other risk factors.

Conclusions: This study provides novel evidence that high coffee consumption is associated with an increased risk of AVS.

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