January 20, 2020

Effect of antioxidant addition on milk beverage supplemented with coffee and shelf-life prediction

G Y Kim et al, 2019. Effect of antioxidant addition on milk beverage supplemented with coffee and shelf-life prediction, Food Sci Anim Resource, Volume 39(6).


This study aimed to extend the shelf-life of coffee-containing milk beverage by adding Theobroma cacao (cacao nibs) extract. To prepare the beverage sample containing cacao nibs extract, 0.8% cacao nibs hydrothermal extract was aseptically injected. Qualitative changes in the beverage samples, including antioxidant effect, peroxide value (POV), caffeine content, and sensory parameters were monitored regularly during storage at 10°C, 20°C, and 30°C for 4 wk. The inclusion of cacao nibs extract produced higher antioxidant activity compared to the control. As the storage temperature increased, the POV of all samples increased. Samples with cacao nibs extract generally displayed lower POV than the control. The caffeine content of all samples tended to decrease during storage, with the decrease accentuated by higher storage temperatures. In the shelf-life prediction using the Arrhenius model, the kinetic regressions of the cacao nibs extract-added sample and control were Y POV=1.2212X-2.1141 (r2=0.9713) and Y POV=1.8075X-2.0189 (r2=0.9883), respectively. Finally, the predicted shelf-life of cacao nibs-added group and control to reach the quality limit (20 meq/kg POV) were approximately 18.11 and 12.18 wk, respectively. The results collectively indicate that the addition of cacao nibs extract extends the shelf-life of the coffee-containing milk beverage and heightened the antioxidant effect.

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