May 23, 2022

Caffeine and rheumatoid arthritis: A complicated relationship

F Ingegnoli et al, 2022. Caffeine and rheumatoid arthritis: A complicated relationship, Autoimmun Reviews, published online.


The current ideal goal of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) management is to resolve joint and systemic inflammation by using pharmacological interventions, assuming this will correspondingly lead to overall well-being. Nonetheless, it has emerged that a substantial number of RA patients do not reach optimal disease control. Thus suggesting the holistic management of subjective symptoms might be overlooked. This poses significant medical challenges; hence the proposal of incorporating lifestyle interventions as part of a multidimensional approach. Among these aspects, both patients and physicians perceive the important role of nutrition. This review shall examine how caffeine, one of the most studied bioactive components of the most widely consumed beverages, may potentially interfere with RA management. In particular, the mechanism by which caffeine affects RA pathogenesis, as a trigger for RA onset or flare, including its influence on rheumatic drug metabolism and the most common RA comorbidities and constitutional symptoms are outlined, highlighting important knowledge gaps and unmet research needs.

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