September 29, 2021

Determination of Acrylamide in Selected Foods from the Romanian Market

E N Pogurschi et al, 2021. Determination of Acrylamide in Selected Foods from the Romanian Market, Foods, Volume 10 (9).


Several processed food products may contain toxic compounds considered risk factors for human health. Known for its possible carcinogenic effects, acrylamide is an organic compound periodically analyzed by the entities responsible for consumer safety. Knowing the acrylamide content of food offers the possibility of implementing corrective measures when needed, targeted at lowering its level. The aim of the paper was to screen for the presence of acrylamide in four products consumed almost daily in Romania and calculate acrylamide exposure by consuming one serving. Expressed in µg/kg coffee has the highest average acrylamide content (199), followed by potato chips (134), pretzels (120), and bread (14). Results regarding the acrylamide content in one serving showed the highest levels of acrylamide in pretzels (10.20 µg/serving), followed by potato chips (4.00 µg/serving), coffee (2.20 µg/cup), and bread (0.40 µg/slice). The calculation of the acrylamide content for one serving of the studied products will facilitate the following studies on the dietary acrylamide intake of the Romanian population, studies which, to our knowledge, have not been performed so far.

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