June 24, 2020

The influence of nutritional and lifestyle factors on glioma incidence

J Bielecka and R Markiewicz-Zukowska, 2020. The influence of nutritional and lifestyle factors on glioma incidence, Nutrients, Volume 12 (6).


Cancers are the first main cause of premature death in developed countries. Since brain tumors, especially gliomas, are the most lethal type of cancers, risk factors for their prevalence are still being discussed. Nearly 30-50% of all cancers could be prevented by proper nutritional habits and other lifestyle factors, but their influence on the tumors of the central nervous system has not been explained completely and still requires further studies. That is why we attempted to review the available research in this field, with a special focus on the factors with the proven protective activity observed in other cancers. Adequate vegetables and antioxidants (such as vitamins C and A) provided with a diet could have a protective effect, while other factors have shown no correlation with the incidence of glioma. However, further studies are necessary to determine whether fish, coffee, and tea consumption may prevent glioma. Maintaining proper body weight and undertaking a sufficient level of daily physical activity also seem to be important. Excessive body mass index (BMI) and higher attained height have increased the risk of glioma. In order to link more accurately the chosen factors to the prevalence of gliomas, it seems necessary to conduct large cohort, prospective, controlled studies in different world regions.

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