February 22, 2021

Does Nutrition Affect Endometriosis?

M Helbig et al, 2021. Does Nutrition Affect Endometriosis?, Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd, Volume 81 (2).


Endometriosis is a hormone-related, chronic inflammation in women of childbearing age. The aetiology and pathogenesis of endometriosis are not yet fully understood. For other illnesses classed as lifestyle diseases, the link between nutrition and pathogenesis has already been researched and proven. With regard to these findings, the question continues to arise as to whether and how a specific diet and lifestyle could also influence pathogenesis and the progression of endometriosis. The aim of this review is to examine the data and determine what influence nutrition has on the development of endometriosis or on existing disease. The study results currently available do not permit a clear, scientific recommendation or indicate a detailed diet. In summary, it can be said that fish oil capsules in combination with vitamin B 12 have been associated with a positive effect on endometriosis symptoms (particularly of dysmenorrhoea). Alcohol and increased consumption of red meat and trans fats are associated with a negative effect. The results of the studies listed with regard to fruit and vegetables, dairy products, unsaturated fats, fibre, soy products and coffee are not clear. Therefore, the general recommendations for a balanced and varied diet in line with the guidelines of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e. V. [German Nutrition Society] apply, along with the recommendation to cut out alcohol. In order to be able to derive more concrete recommendations, we require further studies to investigate the influence of nutrition on endometriosis.

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