February 15, 2012

Induction of antioxidative Nrf2 gene transcription by coffee in humans: depending on genotype?

U Boettler et al, Induction of antioxidative Nrf2 gene transcription by coffee in humans: depending on genotype? Mol Biol Rep, 2012.


The Nrf2/ARE pathway is a major cellular defense mechanism that prevents damage by reactive oxygen species through induction of antioxidative phase II enzymes. However, the activity of the Nrf2/ARE system is not uniform with variability in response presumed to be dependent on the Nrf2 genotype. We recently completed a pilot human coffee intervention trial with healthy humans, where large interindividual differences in the antioxidative response to the study coffee were examined. Here, we address the question whether differences in the modulation of Nrf2 gene transcription, assessed as an induction of Nrf2gene transcription by Q-PCR, might be correlated with specific Nrf2 genotypes. To date, nine single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been identified in the Nrf2 (NFE2L2) gene. Two of these, the -617C/A and -651G/A SNPs are located within the promoter region and have previously been reported to influence the activity of the Nrf2/ARE pathway by reducing Nrf2 transcriptional activity. Sequencing of the critical Nrf2 gene promoter region not only confirmed the existence of these SNPs within the participants of the trial at the expected frequency (33% carrying the -617C/A, 17% the -651G/A and 56%the -653A/G SNP) but also indicated reduced Nrf2 gene transcription associated with a normal diet if the SNPs at position -617, -651 or -653 were present. Of note, the data also indicated the study coffee increased Nrf2 gene transcription even in SNP carriers. This further highlights the relevance of genotype-dependent induction of Nrf2 gene transcription that appears to be largely influenced by dietary factors.


Modtag nyhedsbrev

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