January 10, 2022

Rational design of technologies for the mitigation of neo-formed contaminants in roasted coffee

Y F Barrios-Rodriguez et al, 2022. Rational design of technologies for the mitigation of neo-formed contaminants in roasted coffee, Trends in Food Science and Technology, published online. Thanks to Marino Petracco for flagging this paper.


Background: Neo-formed contaminants (NFCs) occurrence in coffee, a highly consumed beverage worldwide, has raised concern among different food safety agencies because a high intake of these toxic compounds may represent a long-term risk for the consumer health. The mechanisms responsible of NFCs formation in roasted coffee also trigger the generation of its desirable aroma and flavor characteristics. Hence their mitigation in coffee beverage while preserving these organoleptic properties represent a food safety challenge.

Scope and approach: This article performs a systematic review of the different strategies proposed for the NFCs mitigation in roasted coffee considering their effect on the bioactive compounds content and the sensory characteristics of the final product. The mechanisms of NFCs formation are addressed as the main axis for the rational design of technologies for their mitigation.

Key findings and conclusions: Available technologies for decreasing the NFCs (acrylamide, furfuryl alcohol, furan and 5-hydroxymethylfulfural) levels in roasted coffee were grouped in two main categories: (i) mitigation (before or during roasting) and (ii) reduction (after roasting). The understanding of the mechanisms responsible of NFCs formation allowed to establish different alternatives for their mitigation in roasted coffee. However, the greatest challenge still lies in guaranteeing a final product low in NFCs with desirable sensory and bioactive characteristics. The rational design of strategies that decrease the occurrence NFCs in roasted coffee without affecting its nutritional and sensory quality must consider the inclusion of pre-roasting stages such as fermentation and drying into the mitigation technology.

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