November 27, 2018

Human study on the kinetics of 2’R-ochratoxin A in the blood of coffee drinkers

F Sueck et al, 2018. Human study on the kinetics of 2’R-ochratoxin A in the blood of coffee drinkers, Mol Nutr Food Res, published online.


SCOPE: The aim of this study was to get a deeper knowledge of the kinetics of 2’R-ochratoxin A (2’R-OTA), the thermal degradation product of the mycotoxin ochratoxin A (OTA). To investigate the correlation between the amount of this compound in roasted coffee and in human blood samples, a human study was performed.

METHODS AND RESULTS: An 18-week human study was carried out. During the first eight weeks, all known 2’R-OTA-containing food sources were excluded from the diet and the reduction of 2’R-OTA in venous blood was analyzed. Afterwards, the participants were allowed to consume only coffee beverages prepared from a provided coffee powder with known OTA and 2’R-OTA concentrations. On a bi-weekly scale, 2’R-OTA and OTA blood levels were determined. After eight weeks of fasting on 2’R-OTA containing foods, the 2’R-OTA blood concentration only decreased by about 10%. Based on this, a long biological half-life of over seven months was estimated. In the 24 h urine samples, which were collected before and after the coffee fasting period, only traces of 2’R-OTA could be detected.

CONCLUSION: Our results show that 2’R-OTA has a more than seven-fold higher biological half-life in human blood compared to OTA (approx. 35 days). The reason for the long persistence of 2’R-OTA in human blood is still unclear and further research is needed.

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