March 6, 2017

Combined long-term caffeine intake and exercise inhibits the development of diabetic nephropathy in OLETF rats

M Suzuki et al 2017, Combined long-term caffeine intake and exercise inhibits the development of diabetic nephropathy in OLETF rats, Journal of Applied Physiology, article in press.


This study was performed to examine the effects of long-term caffeine-intake, with and without exercise, on the progression of diabetic nephropathy (DN) in an obese diabetic rat model. Thirty-two male Otsuka Long Evans Tokushima Fatty (OLETF) rats were assigned to sedentary (OLETF-Sed), exercise (OLETF-Ex), caffeine-intake (OLETF-Caf), and combined (OLETF-Caf & Ex) groups. Caffeine-intake groups were fed rat chow containing caffeine (90.7 ± 4.7 mg/kg/day). The OLETF-Ex and OLETF-Caf & Ex groups were able to run voluntarily at any time using a rotatory wheel. Body weight (BW) and blood pressure (BP) were measured weekly from 24 to 29 weeks of age. Pre- and post-treatment serum glucose, insulin, and creatinine concentrations were measured, and a 24 h urine sample was collected for measurement of creatinine clearance (Ccr) and albumin excretion (UEAlb). After treatment, the kidneys were removed for morphological analysis. The OLETF-Caf and OLETF-Caf & Ex groups exhibited no BP increase during the study. Both the caffeine-intake groups exhibited a significant increase in urine volume (UV), electrolyte excretion, and Ccr, and decreased UEAlb, following treatment. Furthermore, no structural damage was observed in the kidneys of rats from either caffeine-intake group, whereas the OLETF-Sed and OLETF-Ex groups exhibited DN progression. This study demonstrates that caffeine-intake alone and/or combined with exercise significantly decreases BW and improves glucose intolerance, without the progression of DN. Further research should be performed to examine whether the quantities of caffeine contained in a normal human daily intake also have a protective effect against kidney damage.

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