April 13, 2022

Consumption Habits and Brand Loyalty of Belgian Coffee Consumers

Z Alsafra et al, 2022. Consumption Habits and Brand Loyalty of Belgian Coffee Consumers,  Foods, published online.


Coffee is usually subjected to a roasting process which is responsible for the formation of aroma and flavours but also of some undesirable compounds such as furan and alkyl furans. These compounds are known as process contaminants of the roasting process and exhibit some harmful effects. In order to evaluate the exposure to these compounds in coffee, it is necessary to know the levels of contamination as well as consumption habits. The degree of consumers’ loyalty to specific coffee brands could also be an important driver affecting the level of exposure. This research aimed to evaluate the levels of consumption and the degree of loyalty to coffee brands available in Belgian markets, as well as the factors affecting the choice and the consumption of coffee products and coffee brands. Data were collected in Belgium through an online survey. The results show that for the 1930 participants, 87% reported daily coffee consumption and 13% never or occasionally consumed coffee. The global median coffee consumption was 3 cups per day, and the median for individual daily consumers only was 4 cups per day. The level of consumption of ground coffee was about twice higher than coffee beans, followed by instant coffee and relatively very low consumption of coffee substitutes. In total, 78% of participants reported brand loyalty but to different degrees. Two coffee brands sold in Belgian regions were listed together by more than 20% of the survey participants. The most frequent criteria for selecting a specific coffee brand were taste and price, followed by tradition and habit. The age of coffee consumers and several sociodemographic characteristics have significant effects on coffee consumption. The type of coffee product, the degree of loyalty, and also the type of packaging should be further considered (when available) in the exposure assessment to furan compounds.

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