July 19, 2017

Acrylamide in roasted coffee, barley and potato crisps sold in Italy

T Bertuzzi et al, 2017, Acrylamide in roasted coffee, barley and potato crisps sold in Italy, Food Additives and Contaminants, Part B, published online.


A survey on the occurrence of acrylamide (AA) in roasted coffee, barley and potato crisps was carried out using an intra-lab validated LC-MS/MS method. Over the years 2015-2016, 66 samples of coffee, 22 of roasted barley and 22 of potato crisps were collected from retail outlets in Italy. AA was detected in almost all samples. In roasted coffee, the level exceeded 450 µg kg-1, the limit recommended by the European Commission (EC), in 36.4% of the samples. In roasted barley, mean contamination was slightly lower than in coffee and no sample exceeded the EC limit of 2000 µg kg-1. The AA contamination in potato crisps was remarkable. A percentage of 36.4% (n=8) showed a value higher than the EC limit of 1000 µg kg-1. Considering the average consumption of coffee and potato crisps by Italian people, AA exposure is significant and should be decreased.

Modtag nyhedsbrev

Ja tak, jeg vil gerne modtage nyhedsbrev, når der er noget nyt om kaffe og helbred.