March 23, 2016

Coffee, mate, aҫai and beans are the main contributors to the antioxidant capacity of Brazilian diet

T Torres & A Farah, 2016, Coffee, mate, aҫai and beans are the main contributors to the antioxidant capacity of Brazilian diet, European Journal of Nutrition, published online ahead of print.


PURPOSE: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relative contribution of the most commonly consumed plant foods in Brazil to the total antioxidant capacity (AC) of Brazilian’s diet. The importance of regional consuming habits and income for dietary AC was also approached. METHODS: The annual per capita consumption database from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) was used for identification of the most consumed plant foods in Brazil. Out of 124 key plant foods, 42 top AC contributing candidates were selected for AC determination based on both the frequency of consumption, and AC results reported in the literature, and in our preliminary assays. The selected food products were prepared according to the Brazilian Food Guide, and their AC was measured by TEAC and FRAP assays. Dietary AC was determined by combining these AC results with IBGE consumption data, and the relative contribution of each plant food was calculated. RESULTS: Among all evaluated food products, coffee and green maté tea presented the highest AC, followed by toasted maté tea, red wine, açaí-a native Amazonian fruit-and beans. Associating AC with the annual consumption database from IBGE, coffee alone contributed, on average, to 66 % of dietary AC; other beverages, including maté and wine, contributed altogether to 13 % of dietary AC; beans contributed to 9 %, cereals and derivatives contributed to 4 %; and in natura fruits and vegetables contributed to only 3 and 2 %, respectively. In the North region, fruits were important contributors to AC-mostly because of high açaí consumption, while in the South maté and wine also gained importance, with wine contribution being specially associated with high household income. CONCLUSIONS: Coffee is the main contributor to the total dietary AC in Brazil, regardless of household income. Maté tea, açaí and beans are other major dietary AC contributors.

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